KBA-01500: Access to Document Items


If a user has access to a document, why can‘t he or she see all the Items?
When I route a document via email to external users, why don‘t they get all the attachments?


By default, Spitfire determines whether a user can see the individual Items on a document based upon role capabilities and rule configuration.  If a document attachment has been associated with an Item, then users only have access to the attachment if they first have access to the Item. .For example, you might route the Submittal Item Register to all your vendors. The system would then use the responsible party on the Items so that each vendor receives only the Items for which they (or their company) are responsbile.

While this is a safe default, there are certainly Doc types and SOP that benefit from more liberal access to Items.

DocItemConfig | ItemAccess (see KBA-01158) is the primary configuration by document type.  This rule has three possible results:

  • A – All contacts have view access to ALL Items; role capabilities are not checked for VIEW access.
  • C – Contacts have view access to any Item for which their company is responsible.
  • R – Each contact has view access only to items for which he or she is personally responsible.  This is the default.

The DocItemConfig | ItemAccess rule applies to all contacts equally and provides view access.  More granular control can be achieved through the use of role capabilities:

  • DOC | Can see all items that have the same company can be given to Contacts in specific roles. This capabilty is a more selective alternative to DocItemConfig | ItemAccess = C.
  • DOC | Permissions for any item on the document can be given to Contacts in specific roles. This capabilty can convey update permission in addition to view.

Additional Comments:

DocTypeConfig | ItemAttachments (see KBA-01154) controls only the ability to associate attachments with Items, not whether users can see the items.

KBA-01500; Last updated: November 8, 2016 at 12:13 pm
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