KBA-01514: What version of Microsoft Office is Supported by Spitfire?


What version of Microsoft Office is supported by Spitfire?


Spitfire and Office versions:

sfPMS Office 2007 x32  2010 x32 2013 x32 2016 2019 365
V2016 – V2018 Y (SP3) Y Y Y L
V2019 Limited Limited Y Y Y
V2020 Limited Limited Limited Limited Y Y
V2021 Final Limited Limited Y Y


  • Only locally installed versions of Office are supported.
  • Prior to Office 2016, only x32 editions of office are supported (and Microsoft recommends x32 unless you have an Excel spreadsheet requiring more then 3GB of memory)
  • Office 365 is rolling version of Office. For Example Excel still reports version 16, but uses feature beyond retail Excel 19
    • Be aware that Office 365 also offers “light web versions” of the Office tools, which are not supported by Spitfire.
    • Because 365 versions are rolling, Spitfire supports contemporary feature.

Not Supported:

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