KBA-01514: What version of Microsoft Office is Supported by Spitfire?


What version of Microsoft Office is supported by Spitfire?


Spitfire and Office versions:

sfPMS Office 2007 x32 Office 2010 x32 Office 2013 x32 Office 2016
V2016 – V2018 Y (SP3) Y Y Y
V2019 Limited Limited Y Y
V2020 Limited Limited Y Y


  • Only locally installed versions of Office are supported.
  • Prior to Office 2016, only x32 editions of office are supported (and Microsoft recommends x32 unless you have an Excel spreadsheet requiring more then 3GB of memory)
  • Office 365 is not a version of Office. It is a subscription service that provides the current version of Office. Be aware that Office 365 also offers “light web versions” of the Office tools, which are not supported by Spitfire.

Not Supported:

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