KBA-01245: Routing Catalog Files


How can I route files in the catalog for approval?


  1. On the System Admin Dashboard
    1. Use the Doc Types tool to find and enable the Catalog File Route document type by making it Site Active.
    2. Use the Rules Maintenance tool to disable automatic file approval by unchecking the FileCatalogConfig | AutoApproveVersion rule checkbox.
    3. Use the Rules Maintenance tool to designate a document status that closes and approves the Catalog File Router document type.  See KBA-01442 for more on the DocStatusIsClosed and DocApproved rule groups.
    4. (Optional) Use the Roles Tool to assign one or more roles the PART | Catalog File Version History capability so that some users can manually review and control file versions.
  2. Set up Route rules for this document type.  See KBA-01070.  Keep in mind that:
    1. The Responsible party will be the user who is creating the router document—this can help establish rules where all files from a given user go to a specific manager/approver.
    2. The source contact and reference (if any) are inherited from the catalog file.
  3. Create file route documents by any of these methods:
    1. The Route This choice on the File Options menu for the file (on the Files list in the Catalog),
    2. The Route File checkbox on the Check-In choice on the File Options menu for the file,
    3. The Route Together (or Individually) choice in the options menu of the Add Files tool.
  4. When the Catalog File Route document is approved, the files attached to it will also be approved.

Additional Comments:

Files (and file versions) that are not approved are not available to most users.  If a file has multiple versions, most users will see only the most recently approved version. Catalog files can be manually approved (or revoked) using the version history tab of the File Properties choice on the Catalog file drop-down menu.

For more information about files, see the Focus on Files, Attachments, and the Catalog Dashboard guide. For more information about the System Admin tools, see the Focus on System Administration guide.

KBA-01245; Last updated: October 20, 2016 at 12:14 pm;
Keywords:  route file for approval; approve version; delay access to new version of file; rules