KBA-01242: Weather for a location without a ZIP Code

Purpose & Scope:

Spitfire uses www.weather.gov xml data feeds to provide weather information for your project‘s location. The system is designed to map your location‘s ZIP Code to a weather station. Because the weather information comes from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), only locations in the United States and Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands can be mapped.  If your project location does not have a Zip Code, but is in Guam, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands, you can use one of the following as your Zip Code.


Below is a list of non-ZIP code-supported weather stations. To track the weather for a project near one of these weather stations, enter the Weather Station ID (WSID) from the table below in the ZIP Code field of your Project Address. For example, if you enter PTYA as the ZIP Code for your project in Guam, the Yap International Airport weather data will be displayed on your Project Dashboard and recorded in your project‘s weather history.

WSID (State) Station Name
PGRO GU  Rota/Intl
PGSN GU  Saipan Intl Airport
PGUA GU  Anderson AFB–Guam
PGUM GU  Guam International
PGWT GU  West Tinian, Tinian Is.
PKMJ GU  Marshal Is.
PKWA GU  Kwajalein Atoll
PTKK GU  Chuuk Intl, Weno Is.
PTPN GU  Pohnpei Intl Airport
PTRO GU  Babelthuap/Koror
PTSA GU  Kosrae Island Airport
PTYA GU  Yap Intl Airport
TDPD PR  Melville Hall Airport
TFFR PR  La Raizet, Guadeloupe
TIST VI  St Thomas-Charlotte Amalie/CyrilE King Int Airport
TISX VI  St Croix (Christiansted, Henry E. Rohlsen Airport)
TJBQ PR  Aquadilla (Boriquen)
TJMZ PR  Mayaguez
TJNR PR Roosevelt Roads Naval Station
TJPS PR  Ponce
TJSJ PR  Luiz Munoz International Airport
TKPK VI  Golden Rock-Saint Kitts-Nexus
TNCB PR  Bonaire/Flamingo
TNCC PR  Curacao/Aeropuerto Hato
TNCE PR  St. Eustatius/F.D.Roosevelt
TNCM PR  St. Maarten/Princess Juliana
TXKF PR  Burmuda

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