KBA-01525: Division Filter on Reports


How does the AUTO filter work in the Division Filter on reports?


Several reports throughout the system offer a company division filter. The division filter relates to the Company Division tool on the System Admin Dashboard. Through a drop-down in Contact Details, each employee or internal user can be associated with one of the divisions.  In fact, if your site is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics SL, this value is automatically set from Dynamics SL and is read only in sfPMS.

When a report with a Division filter is used, the division filter defaults to AUTO and the division value associated with the current user‘s Contact record will be used as the filter value. Various other divisions are generally only included in the filter drop down if the user has permission to see them (LIST | Can see all company divisions).

If the division value is changed to some other value, the system checks to see if the user has the LIST | Can see all company divisions role capability. If the user does not have this capability, SSRS treats the result as an error to differentiate from no matching result.

KBA-01525; Last updated: July 12, 2016 at 12:44 pm
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