KBA-01246: Showing additional columns in the Cost Analysis Detail through the use of filters


The Cost Analysis Detail on my Project Dashboard currently shows the following columns:
EAC, P.Co, =Sum, Actual, Commit, =A+C and Spent.
I believe there are other columns I could display.  How do I do that?


Because the Cost Analysis Detail is a configurable part, your System Administrator may have selected columns to be displayed or not; however, there are some columns that are turned on through the use of filters. Open the filters for the Cost Analysis Detail.  The following filters (when checked) display columns (unless By Account Category is also checked):

Filter Show Column
By Account Category Account
Show Variance Variance
Show Forecast FAC
Show to Complete ETC
By Cost Code Cost Code, Description

Additional Comments:

Note: If configuration has been used to hide Forecast and/or Variance columns, the corresponding filters are also hidden making these columns totally unavailble. See KBA-01243 for setting the default value for the filter driven visibility of these columns.

KBA-01246; Last updated: October 13, 2016 at 9:34 am;
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