KBA-01477: Rules that Affect New Documents


What rules does Spitfire look at when a document is first created?



  • In the DocTypeConfig rule group:
    • AutoAttach*
    • AutoReroute
    • DueInDays
    • FiscalPeriod
    • ManualDocNo
    • Probability
    • ProjectDateTarget
    • Priority
    • Subtype
    • TemplateType
    • UsesSubcontract
  • In the RouteConfig rule group:
    • Seq1DueInDays

For Commitment and related Doc types (Pay Request, CCO, Receipt, etc.):

  • In the BudgetConfig rule group:
    • CommitmentBudgeting
    • InitialTargets or UpdateTargets
  • In the ProjectConfig rule group:
    • OwnerDirectCommitments (Commitment Documents only)
  • In the WBAConfig rule group:
    • RemittedTaxHandling (Commitment Documents only)

Additional Comments:

KBA-01477; Last updated: October 20, 2016 at 11:35 am;
Keywords:  new document rules, create a document