KBA-01534: Implications of Custom Internal Staff Capability


What is special about the Custom Internal Staff Capability?
Why can‘t some users see attachments that are ‘not sent‘?


When a user is a member of a role that includes the CSTM | Internal Staff capability they are granted access to various additional features. For example, this capability is often used in the System Admin | UI Configuration tool to control visibility of document fields (or entire tabs) that should not be accessible to external users.

Similarly the system also uses this capability to control

  • Visibility of attachments that are ‘not sent‘.  Since these attachments are not sent to email and download wizard users, it is assumed that web users who are not ‘internal‘ should also not see these attachments.
  • Default to Attachment tab on documents (instead of routing)—external users tend to be more interested in access to the attachments than in modifying the routing.

KBA-01534; Last updated: October 10, 2016 at 12:18 pm
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