KBA-01302: ProjectConfig: Advanced GL Subaccount Mapping


Can I set up a GL Subaccount mapping to use when creating a project based on anything other than sub type or contract type?


Yes.  The ProjectConfig rule group (found in the Rules Maintenance tool on the System Admin Dashboard) includes provisions for simple and advanced mapping.  The process always starts with the GLSubaccount entry and can then look up a replacement value based upon other project data.

The various rules include:

  • GLSubaccount –  This value is used to provide the default for PJPROJ.GL_SubAct based upon the project subtype (if specified as a filter value).
  • GLSAMapFrom – When specified for a given project subtype, the advanced mapping process begins.  Use GLSAMapLen and GLSAMapStart to extract data for this advanced mapping value.  The valid result values include PROJECT, DIVISIONID and CUSTOMERID. 
  • GLSAMapLen   – Indicates the number of characters to extract. Can be filtered by subtype.
  • GLSAMapStart – Indicates the starting position in the ‘map from‘ value.  Can be filtered by subtype.  Must be specified for mapping to work correctly.  Use 1 for the first character.
  • GLSAMapRaw  – Specify 1 to use the extracted mapping value as the GL Subaccount or 0 to use the GLSAMapping entry to continue the mapping.
  • GLSAMapping  – Uses the extracted mapping value as the filter value and the result value specified as the new GL Subaccount.  The default is the general GLSubaccount value.  See GLSAMapRaw.
  • GLSAMapBFrom – See GLSAMapFrom for usage meaning and values.  This value is ignored if GLSAMapFrom is blank.  Use GLSAMapBStart and GLSAMapBLen and GLSAMapBRaw as described above for the secondary mapping.

For example, given the following rule entries:

Rules Filter Value Result Value
GLSubAccount 020
GLSAMapFrom Project
GLSAMapStart 1
GLSAMapLen 1
GLSAMapping C 050
GLSAMapping M 035

and a Project created with ID M070063, then the final GL Subaccount used would be 035.  The rule entries accomplish this by taking the first character of the PROJECT ID and using it to find the relevant GLSAMapping rule entry.  Note that the project subtype value is irrelevant in these examples because none of the rule entries are filtered on subtype.

Another example: given a project with ID D070043, the GL Subaccount used would be 020 — because there is no mapping entry for projects that start with D.

Additional Comments:

See also KBA-01153. The secondary mapping input (with rules beginning GLMapB) and GLSAMapRaw require sfPMS Version 4.

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