KBA-01559: Symptoms of Server Time Sync Failure


Why are users getting You do not have update access to the document at this time when they try to save?
Why are users getting some other user has exclusive access when they try to add a Submittal or Change item?


When the system acquires exclusivity of a document, the time on the SQL and IIS server must be synchronized.  If time synchronization has failed, users will begin to see these messages because the exclusive time reserved does not match the request.   (So, perhaps some other users snuck in and acquired exclusive access.)

Additional Comments:

The infrastructure for server time synchronization dates back to the last century. Generally all servers and workstations coordinate time with the their domain controller. In turn, the domain controller acquires the time from an external time server somewhere else on the Internet. In an Administrative command window, try W32TM /query /status on both servers. Hint: if you don‘t understand this article, pass it on to your IT provider.

KBA-01559; Last updated: October 13, 2016 at 13:15 pm