KBA-01577: BFA Import Wizard out of resources or not responding


Microsoft Excel is hung after using the BFA Import Wizard, but let‘s me save when I close.  Why?

Why does the Import Wizard freeze or hang after I select my import workbook?

Why does the Import Wizard say that Excel could not complete the operation due to insufficient resources?


You may encounter any of the above situations when you are trying to use the Import Wizard to import data into your BFA workbook. When you use the BROWSE button in the Import Wizard, the Windows File Open Dialog window includes many options and modes. If you have the Preview Pane enabled in the File Open Dialog window, the operating system attempts to build a preview long after you have selected the file and continued with the import. This causes an issue with Microsoft Excel.

Note: the Preview Pane is common to all times the Windows Operating System uses its File Open Dialog and is not specific to Microsoft Excel or sfPMS‘s Import Wizard.

The solution is to turn off the File Open Dialog Preview Pane.

One way to accomplish this is

  1. Open the Import Wizard.
  2. Click the Browse button.
  3. Use the Hide Preview Pane button so that the preview is hidden.
  4. Cancel the browse.
  5. Cancel the Import Wizard
  6. Close BFA.

The next time you reopen BFA and use the Import Wizard, the new ‘disabled‘ mode for preview will be in effect!

Additional Comments:

Remember: The Preview Pane is common to all times the Windows Operating System uses its File Open Dialog window.  Turning it on someplace where it is handy can have this side effect weeks later.  The problem can also be intermittent—working for some files and not others. While this problem dates back to 2012, it seems to have become more widespread again in 2014 after a series of Windows updates.

KBA-01577; Last updated: October 12, 2016 at 13:42 pm
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