KBA-01581: Can I set up Spitfire as a published application on my Citrix/Terminal Server?


Can I set up Spitfire as a published application on my Citrix/Terminal Server?


Yes. To be able to publish the application, the executables for Spitfire must be local to the Citrix server. There must be also a flag file in place to force the use of this local dashboard directory.

ICTool can push the Spitfire dashboard directory and the executables to a specified server when the site is published. This is done on the Agents subtab. When the site is published, a copy of the dashboard files will be pushed to the location specified. Added benefit: as the site is updated and republished, the dashboard directory on the Citrix server is also updated, ensuring no version mismatch of files which can cause user issues.

  1. Enter your Citrix server path in ICTool and republish the site. The  Spitfire dashboard directory and executables will be written to the specified location.
  2. Force system to use local dashboard. Set up a text document called sfDashboardIsLocal.dev in C:Spitfire of the Citrix server.  (C:SpitfiresfDashboardIsLocal.dev) Note: Make sure the default .txt extension does NOT remain on this file.
  3. Create your Citrix-published application pointing to the local dashboard directory. SFDASH.exe. is the executable. You can also set up desktop shortcuts to launch the site using the local dashboard directory.

‘C:yourpathDashboardsfDash.exe‘ http://yoursiteURL/sfPMS

Additional Comments:

The provided solutions only cover a single Citrix/Terminal Server. If there are multiple Citrix/Terminal Servers, the resultant dashboard directory must be manually created on each additional server and manually updated whenever the Spitfire site is republished with a new update.

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