KBA-01607: Creating a Document via a URL


Can I create a document via a URL?


Yes.  Although

  1. the user must be logged in (otherwise they will be redirected to authenticate).
  2. the document will not actually exist until it is saved by the user.

Basic URL

The general parts of the URL are

  • Site Scheme – either http:// or https://
  • Hostname – something like try.spitfirepm.com.
  • App Name – often /sfPMS/
  • DocDetail.aspx? – the resource that will process the request
    • add=document type GUID (required) –  for example add=6D384462-6C13-42C5-A744-8E70DBD7E95D
    • &project= – (optional) the project ID or blank
    • &UseID=new GUID (optional, recommended if possible).  When you provide a new unique identifier in this way, you know in advance the unique identifier that will be used to store the document and can re-reference that document in the future using the same GUID key.  (See Additional Comments)


For example, to create a new Customer Bid on the try.spitfirepm.com site (if you are already logged in), click here.

The URL is http://try.spitfirepmcom/SFPMS/DocDetail.aspx?add=6D384462-6C13-42C5-A744-8E70DBD7E95D&project=&

Additional Comments:

It is also possible to create documents using the Web Service calls, but this requires a client program.

For the GUID values for the add= option, see the Doc Type tool on the System Admin Dashboard.

The URL to open an existing document is similar:

  • Site Scheme – either http:// or https://
  • Hostname – something like try.spitfirepm.com
  • App Name – often /sfPMS/
  • DocDetail.aspx? – the resource the will process the request
    • id=document GUID (required)

For example:  http://try.spitfirepm.com/sfPMS/DocDetail.aspx?id=d5eda62b-b214-44f9-bbed-978795eb610f

KBA-01607; Last updated: September 19, 2017 at 11:44 am
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