KBA-01640: Using Nested Bookmarks


Spitfire‘s bookmark templates appear throughout the system,especially in Microsoft Word files stored in the template library. The basic concept is that markers in the form [prefix_alias_field] are placeholders that will be replaced with the corresponding data value.

Nested bookmarks are those that appear

  • In a Rule result value
  • In a workflow script
  • In the string result of a computed value  (See KBA-01348.)

String data in these places are scanned for “nested bookmarks.”  Any part of the string that is enclosed in square brackets and follows the [prefix_alias_fieldname] format will be removed and replaced by the bookmark output. You might think of computed strings as miniature templates in themselves.

For example, if you wanted Items in your template to be described using the word Section followed by the specification and paragraph, with a hyphen between the two (e.g., Section 09511 – 2.2), you could set up a WordTemplateConfig rule. Specifically, you could use DocItem.SpecPara as the rule name (because Specification and Paragraph are both in the DocItem alias).  The Result Value would hold the following formula:


Other Examples

  • sfDocAddr.AddrBlock—This computed field uses the Nested Bookmark feature.  The computed result is a static string value, but the parts of the string that are in the form [prefix_alias_field] are processed as bookmarks and replaced by the correct document field value.  This allows a complex and common structure requiring 7 bookmarks to be inserted into the document as a single bookmark.
  • sfciCost.LineDescription—This computed field combines IIF() function with nested bookmarks.  A series of IIF functions is used to decide what to print and in some cases the result includes a reference to [DV_ciCost_Subcontract] so that the subcontract title can be inserted instead of the subcontract number.


Nested bookmarks in Word Templates and workflow scripts can refer to a qAlias.  In a workflow script, define the qAlias prior to using it via the ATC: QUERY command.


Nested bookmarks do not support

  • RR prefix

Additional Comments:

Creating templates and using bookmarks can be challenging.  Spitfire offers training and/or consulting services to assist you in developing complex template solutions.

See also

KBA-01348; Last updated: November 3, 2016 at 13:25 pm;