KBA-01641: SSRS Report Pagination


Why is every other page in my report blank?


For a report to “‘work” when rendered as a PDF, the report objects must all fit within the page setup.

Things to Check

In the Report Properties:
  1. Page orientation.  Is it landscape?
  2. Paper size.
  3. Margins.
In the report layout itself:
  1. Does the rightmost object in the layout end at or before paper width – (left + right margin).  This is easy to get wrong, even by a few pixels.  “View Ruler” in the designer helps.

Note: even if there is just white space beyond the paper width, the rendered PDF will start to have blank (or mostly blank) even numbered pages.

Visual Guide


Additional Comments:

This is not a supported topic.  For assistance, contact your implementer for assistance.

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