KBA-01653: Getting Units into a Project Budget after Initial Budget Posted


I have a project that was created without units. How do I now enable units in BFA?


When each budget revision is created, BFA detects if the project is using units.  If not, all the unit columns are hidden.

Injecting Units in BFA – for Version 2020 and later

If your site settings show units, then the columns will be available for use on every budget revision.

Injecting Units in BFA – for Version 2019 and earlier

  1. Create a Forecast document on the project.
    Note: If the Forecast Doc type is not active, enable it through the Doc Types tool on the System Admin Dashboard.
  2. Name the new Forecast document Inject Units.
  3. From the document, open the BFA workbook; It will open in Forecast mode.
  4. Find one of the Cost Codes that will use units.
  5. Expand to get to the Account Category row and add or edit the UOM. Make sure the UOM is not LS or NA.
  6. Find the FAC units column (labeled Working Units by default).
    1. If you do not see it, you will need to go to Setup to make this column visible first (or make it visible for all through a Site Setting template.)
  7. Enter a 1 in the FAC (Working Units) column. (You can double-click and use the Forecast Entry Form if you prefer.)
  8. Save and close the BFA workbook.
  9. Approve the Forecast document.
  10. If you had already created a Budget revision document cancel and/or delete it.
  11. Create a new Budget revision document.
  12. Open the BFA workbook from the document.
  13. BFA will detect that the project has units and enable the units features!

Additional Comments:

If you have already entered data in the existing budget revision and still want to enable units without having to delete and reenter it all, consider posting what you have and then using this procedure.  Otherwise, contact Support for assistance.  Poking a value into one of the PriorFACUnit snapshot values will do the trick.

KBA-01653; Last updated: November 17, 2023 at 17:28 pm 
Keywords: Adding units to an existing budget