KBA-01662: Overview of the ItemCodeLike Rule Group


The ItemCodeLike rule group indicates the code set plus Doc type combinations that limit the choices on a second code set. See also KBA-01077.

The ItemCodeLike rule group is found in the Rules Maintenance tool on the System Admin Dashboard. Each rule in the group consists of a rule name, a filter value and a result value.

Filter Values:

Any Doc type

The ItemCodeLike rules accept a Doc type (as defined in the Doc Types tool and appearing on the filter drop-down) as the filter value.

Result Values:

Certain Code Sets

The ItemCodeLike rules accept any of the following code sets (defined in the Code Maintenance tool) as the result value:

  • ContractType
  • Reason
  • Source
  • SubType



Any Code set

Specifies (in the result value) the DocMasterDetail-based source code set (as defined in the Code Maintenance tool) used to limit the indicated code set for the Doc type. For example, the following limits the ItemType on Permits documents based on the document’s Subtype.


Additional Comments:

Remember that rules are cached. Open documents will not show your changes, but they will appear on new documents.

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