KBA-01672: Catalog Dashboard Document List Grid Fields


What data is available for the DataField= and Calc= options from the Catalog Dashboard Document List Grid fields?


Only a small subset of possible document data is loaded for the Catalog Search results. When using the DataField= and Calc= Extended options in the UI Configuration tool (see KBA-01336) only certain data fields can be referenced.  Note that only SFDBX columns support the DataField= and Calc= options (see KBA-01512). Also, It is not appropriate to make changes to the Catalog Search results that are specific to a Doc type. The only time repurposing a Catalog Search column makes sense is within the context of a Preset Search tab (see KBA-01598).

Field List

  • Closed 
  • CostImpact 
  • csDate 
  • DocDate
  • DocMasterKey
  • DocNo
  • DocReference
  • DocTypeKey
  • Due (Date)
  • ExternalDocNo
  • FilesAttached
  • FromUser
  • LastModified (date)
  • MaxRevNo
  • Priority
  • Project
  • ProjEntity
  • Rank
  • ResponsibleParty (key)
  • Signoff 
  • SourceContact (key)
  • SourceDate  (V2019)
  • SourceDocNo
  • Status (code)
  • StatusText
  • Subcontract
  • Subtype (code)
  • SubtypeText
  • Title
  • UniReferenceKey

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