KBA-01692: URLs that Link Directly to Doc or Dashboard in sfPMS


How do I build a URL that links directly to a document or dashboard in Spitfire?
How do I send someone a link directly to a document?


In v2019 and later, use the Get Link choice on the document menu.  Paste the link where ever you need.

sfPMS includes a special address (go.aspx) that redirects the user to specific document or dashboard within Spitfire. You can include that URL link in an email or other application that accepts URLs. If the user who clicks on the link is not currently logged into Spitfire, they are prompted to log in before continuing on to the requested destination.

The basic format of the URL is http://try.spitfirepm.com/sfPMS/go.aspx/

followed by

  • add/DocType/ProjectID
  • doc/DocumentKey
  • find/DocType/ProjectID/DocNo/SubNo
  • project/ProjectID/DocType
  • nowhere


  • DocType = the GUID for the document type
  • ProjectID = any of the following
    • Project ID number
    • X for no project (blank)
    • 1 for the most recent project. (This requires that Track Project be turned on in user settings.)
  • DocumentKey = the DocMasterKey (DataPK) for the document
  • DocNo = the document number, including leading zeros
  • SubNo = the Commitment number on a Pay Request or CCO.


  • Add creates a document
  • Doc opens a specific document
  • Find finds and opens a specific document
  • Project opens a specific Project Dashboard. If the optional DocType is included, the document list starts with that Doc type.
  • Nowhere opens the user’s default dashboard

How do I set up the URL?

  • Use appropriate code (for example, in jQuery, Microsoft Excel, or SSRS). If you need help setting this up, contact Support.

How do I set up a hyperlink in a Microsoft Word bookmark template?

  1. Make the text that you want as a link into a regular hyperlink in Word.
    1. In the Address field, start the URL with https://try.spitfirepm.com/sfpms—this will be replaced by sfPMS during template generation with the Public URL of your site.
    2. Continue the URL to specify the target to be opened. The URL can include simple bookmarks, but not square brackets: use %5b for [ and %5d for ].  Examples:
          1. https://try.spitfirepm.com/sfpms/go.aspx/doc/%5bDKEY_DocHeader_DocMasterKey%5d  (to open the document)
          2. https://try.spitfirepm.com/sfpms/go.aspx/project/%5bDocHeader_Project%5d (to open the project dashboard)
          3. https://%5bqProject_csString240%5d  (to generate a link using the URL in a field on the project setup)


    3. Click OK.

What permission does the user need?

  • The user requires PAGE | Allowed to follow redirection links from outside the system.  You might include this in the Everyone Role.

KBA-01692; Last updated: May 22, 2021 at 10:30 am  Keywords: External Link; External Hyperlink