KBA-01716: Closing Bid Packages Best Practices


I’ve sent bids out to vendors, recorded their responses, and awarded an RFQ. I think it is time to close the Bid Package document that tracked the RFQs.  What is the best practice for doing so?


(See Bid Package – RFQ Processing for overview information.)

Best practice requires some setup.  While specifics are up to you (and your implementer), you may want the following to happen when you close the Bid Package:

  • To change all RFQs that are still “Out for Bid” (O) to “Declined to Bid” (D)
  • To change all non-awarded RFQs that are “Bid Back” (B) to “Rejected” (R)

This setup is configured through WhenDocClosed rules, for example:

If the Bid Package has routing on it, you may also want to set up the RouteWhenStatus rule so that when the Bid Package is “Closed”, all remaining routes are “Sent On”, for example:

With such setup in place:

  1. When you are ready to close the Bid Package, change the document status to Closed.
  2. Save the document. A few things will happen:
    1. The statuses of the listed RFQ documents will change according to the WhenDocClosed rules.
    2. Assuming the new statuses on the RFQs are “closed” statuses, those documents will become read-only.
    3. The Bid Package will also become read-only.
    4. The Bid Package will go directly to the end of its route and not be in anybody’s Inbox.

KBA-01716; Last updated: March 27, 2018 at 10:20 am