Bid Package – RFQ Processing

Spitfire Project Management System uses the Bid Package, RFQ and Commitment Doc types (and optionally, the Invitation to Bid document and Plan Room Dashboard) to facilitate requesting quotes (bids) from vendors and converting awarded bids into vendor contracts.

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Concepts, considerations, descriptions, workflows, and setup, in PDF format.

(See also KBA-01387)

KBAs with specific instructions

    • KBA-01710: Attaching Invitation to Bids onto Bid Packages
    • KBA-01712: Adding RFQs to the Bid Package
    • KBA-01713: Routing (Sending) RFQs from the Bid Package
    • KBA-01714: Opening the Competitive Bid Analysis Workbook
      • KBA-01499: The Competitive Bid Analysis workbook doesn’t look like the one in the white paper
    • KBA-01715: Awarding RFQs and Creating Commitments from Bid Packages
    • KBA-01716: Closing Bid Packages Best Practices