KBA-01765: Grid Export Templates


How do I prepare a Grid Export template?


In many ways, this is similar to templates for Via Excel or the Executive Dashboard.

Here is one approach:

  1. Begin by exporting the grid for which you wish to create a template using the default.
  2. In Microsoft Excel, unhide the RawData sheet.
    1. Observe that each column in the sheet has a defined name (such as RawData_ProjectCASummary_StatusDescription)
    2. Create a sheet of your own,
      1. Add column headers
      2. Use the defined names to reference values
      3. Format your columns
      4. Add columns with formulas
      5. Copy down your formulas for an adequate number of rows
      6. Advanced: save your workbook as an XLSM and use a macro to make the number of rows dynamic.
  3. When you are happy with your template,
    1. Delete all the rows of data (2 through n) in RawData.
    2. Re-hide the RawData sheet.
    3. Optionally, hide the Export sheet.
    4. Save your workbook with the intended sheet and cell “current”.
    5. Open the Manage | Templates tool
      1. Filter for type = Grid Export to XL.
      2. Upload the template into the template library.
      3. Set the Source column to the specific grid for which this is a template.

KBA-01765; Last updated: April 5, 2024 at 14:33 pm