Making a Net-Zero Budget Revision in BFA


I need to move money from one line in my approved budget to one or more other lines. My changes need to leave me with a net-zero budget revision. Can the BFA workbook help ensure that all my additions and subtractions cancel each other out?


Yes. We recommend you use the Assign Reversal Account option.

  1. Create a new Budget document with the Manual Revision subtype and open its BFA workbook.
  2. Select the Assign Reversal Account option on the Budget ribbon.

    1. From the first drop-down, select the Cost Code from which you want to remove money.
    2. From the second drop-down, select the Account Category from which you want to remove money.
    3. Click the OK button. Together, the Cost Code + Account Category line item becomes your “reversal account” until you remove it or select a different Cost Code + Account Category. Note: Your current reversal account is listed under the Reversal Account option so you can remember that you have a reversal account selected.
  3. Find the row (Cost Code + Account Category) where you want to add money.
  4. Add your amount in the Manual EAC Change Amount column. When you tab out of that cell, the equivalent negative amount will appear on your reversal account row. You will have essentially “moved” the amount from one line to another in your budget.
  5. If you add an amount to a second line, that same amount will be subtracted from your designated reversal account. This will continue to happen each time you add an amount to a row that is not your designated reversal account.
  6. When you no longer want to subtract from that budget line, select the Change or Remove Reversal Account option and either select a different Cost Code + Account Category or check the Remove Reversal Account checkbox.
  7. When you save the BFA workbook, a message will summarize your net changes. If you have made all your changes with a reversal account, your changes will net zero. For example:

Additional Information:

The BudgetConfig | NetZero:subtype rule allows you to prevent posting of budget revisions of a certain subtype (such as Manual Revision) unless it is a net zero change to the project.