New UI Configuration Fields and Columns in V2017


We’d like to add another unlimited text field to our Notes tab. We also need more fields on our Details tab. Oh, and we’d like another column for details in the Watchdog Alerts part.


Because of multiple requests from our clients, in V2017 we added 122 fields/columns (items) to the UI Configuration tool (found on the System Admin Dashboard), ready to be added to document and dashboard parts. As a reminder, all UI items can be relabeled.

New Items for Parts

  • Alert List [Watchdog Alerts on Home Dashboard]
    • Detail Col (text grid column)
  • Catalog Search [Document search results on Catalog Dashboard or preset searches]
    • Doc – Cost Impact (numeric grid column)
  • Doc Dates [Dates tab]
    • Day Range Col (numeric grid column)
    • see also below
  • Doc Header [all types]
    • Specification Code (drop-down) or
    • Specification Text (text box)
  • Doc Items  [Item tab in grid view]
    • Paid Units Col (numeric grid column)
    • Estimate Col (numeric grid column)
    • Status (drop-down)
  • Doc Item Budget [CI Budget Entries]
    • Quote Col (numeric grid column)
    • Sequence Col (numeric grid column)
  • Doc Msg [Msg/Email tab]
    • csFlag (checkbox)
    • EmailSubject (text box)
    • Reason (drop-down)
  • Doc Notes [Notes/Scope tab]
    • Custom Note (unlimited text box)
    • Custom String 060 (60-character text box)
    • Custom String 240 (240-character text box)
  • Project Cost Analysis [Cost Analysis Details on Project Dashboard]
    • As Bid Col (computed grid column)

Custom Fields

In addition, the following custom fields are now available to all of these UI Configuration parts.

UI Configuration Items
Available for these Parts
  • Custom Amount (numeric text box)
  • Custom Check (checkbox)
  • Custom Code (drop-down)
  • Custom Contact (text box)
  • Custom Date (date field)
  • Custom Flag (checkbox)
  • Custom Key (text box)
  • Custom Note (unlimited text box)
  • Custom Number (numeric text box)
  • Custom Qty (numeric text box)
  • Custom String 016 (16-character text box)
  • Custom String 030 (30-character text box)
  • Custom String 040 (40-character text box)
  • Custom String 050 (50-character text box)
  • Custom String 060 (60-character text box)
  • Custom String 080 (80-character text box)
  • Custom String 100 (100-character text box)
  • Custom String 120 (120-character text box)
  • Custom String 240 (240-character text box)
  • Custom Value (numeric text box)
  • Custom When (date field)
  • Doc Attendee [Attendee tab]
  • Doc Dates [Dates tab]
  • Doc Detail-Standard [Details tab on most Doc types]
  • Doc Inclusion [Incl/Excl tab]
  • Doc Item Detail – Standard [Items tab in Details view on most Doc types]