November 2019 – Nothing Happens Without Roles

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Nothing Happens Without Roles!

Most Spitfire users don’t think about Roles as they do their work, yet Spitfire Roles are the reason they can do the work in the first place. If you’d like to truly understand how Roles function, where Roles can be used, and how to better design Roles for your users, then this webinar is for you!

During the webinar we go over concepts, best practices, and how-to’s, and include both features that have been part of Role Maintenance since the beginning, and some new features in V2019:

  • How roles are used for preset search tabs, templates and folder access
  • How to copy roles and role membership
  • Primary vs. sub roles
  • Global vs. project-specific roles
  • The two main functions of roles
  • And more…!