KBA-01774: Filter Options on the PD Workbook


My Period Distribution workbook displays many rows of information. Are there filters I can use to display less rows?


Yes.  On the Spitfire Menu, there are two filter options: Show All/Undistributed Rows and Filter By Type.

Note: In V23, the Period Distribution Doc type was renamed Project Cash Flow and the Period Distribution (PD) workbook was renamed Project Cash Flow (PCF) workbook.

Show All/Undistributed Rows:

  • Use this toggle to view just the rows with undistributed amounts, and then to view all rows again.

Filter By Type:

  • Use this option to filter by Revenue only or Expense only.  When you select the option, a dialog box appears. Selecting Both in effect turns off the filter.
  • When the worksheet is filtered by type, the type is indicated on row 6.


The option to Show All/ Undistributed Rows shows both revenue and expense rows; however, if you select Show All/ Undistributed Rows then Filter by Type, just those rows of the appropriate type and undistributed amounts will be visible.

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KBA-01774; Last updated: June 12, 2023 at 12:28 pm