Roles’ Responsibilities

Internally sfPMS understands the responsibilities of the following:

Accountant Alternate CM Alternate PM
Architect Associate Bonder
Construction Manager Customer/Owner Development Manager
General Contractor Junior PM Lender
Operations Manager Project Manager Project Staff
Senior Executive Senior PM Superintendent


When roles are set up, they can be identified with one of the above responsibilities so Spitfire knows the “weight” of that role (i.e.: what kind of role it is within a project). For example, you (or your System Administrator) may have created a role called Project Lead and assigned it the responsibility of Project Manager. Spitfire would therefore know that the “Project Lead” is the Project Manager on a project.

As another example, you may have created several roles for your subcontractors such as Electrical Subcontractor, Roofing Subcontractor, and HVAC Subcontractor and given all of them the responsibility of Associate. Again, Spitfire would then know where these roles fit in on a project. Because roles are user-named and defined, Spitfire uses responsibilities to identify the roles needed in certain locations (such as the Contacts part on the Project Dashboard and on various reports).

Note: Responsibilities are not required for Spitfire roles; there can be roles that do not have any of the above responsibilities.