Roles’ Organizational Level

One of the ways to control which Contacts can see other Contacts is through the use of Organizational Levels assigned to individuals.

Organizational Levels are numerical values assigned to Contacts by the System Administrator or Manager. When Organizational Levels are used, a Contact can view:

  • All Contacts below his/her Organizational Level
  • All Contacts above his/her Organizational Level as long as the Organization Level value of those Contacts are not more than 9% above that user’s own Organizational Level.

For example, if Contacts are assigned the following Organization Levels:

Organizational Level Sample Contacts
100 Chris Demo (who is a Senior Executive)
90 John Smith (who is a Project Manager)
85 William Flint (who is Project Staff)



Organizational Level Can View the following levels in Contact Lookup
100 All Levels
90 All Levels
85 Levels 90 and 85


So Chris Demo and John Smith can see all other Contacts, but William Flint can see John Smith but not Chris Demo based on Organizational Levels.