Roles’ Capabilities

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Roles are defined with capabilities that determine what a person with that role can do or see in sfPMS.

Full Access Rights Minimum Access Rights
The user has the ability to edit the document and can add new Attachments and folders. In addition, on the Items tab, all items are visible and can even be deleted. The fields are read-only, and the user cannot add new Attachments. In addition, Items are not visible, the Item Folder’s toolbar is inactive, and the File Options menu is not available.


Full Access Rights Minimum Access Rights
On the Route Detail tab, the user can view all routees, add new ones, and delete upcoming ones. Once the user sends the document on its route, s/he can access the document later from either the Project Dashboard or Catalog Dashboard. On the Route Detail tab the user sees only his/her route line and cannot add or edit the routing list. Once the user sends the document on its route, the document will no longer be in the user’s Inbox on the Home Dashboard. Therefore, the user will no longer has access to the document, except through the Recent Documents selection on the Site Options menu.
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