Setup of Compliance Tracking and Notification

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Setup of Compliance tracking and notification requires the use of various Manage and System Admin tools and features of sfPMS.

Steps Involved

Step 1: Prepare Gather information.
Step 2: Use the Code Maintenance Tool Create subtypes for your vendors and subcontractors.
Step 3: Use the Customization Tool Customize Vendor, Commitment, and/or Pay Request Doc Types.
Step 4: Use the Compliance Types Tool Edit existing Compliance Types.
Create new Compliance Types.
Review the automatic workflow for your Compliances.
Step 5: Use the Doc Type tool Activate the Compliance Notification Doc Type.
Step 6: Use the Rules Maintenance tool Set up the text for Compliance Notification documents.
Step 7: Get the Template If necessary upload the distributed Attachment (auto) template for Compliance Notification documents.
Step 8: Use ICTool Turn on Automatic Workflow on the sfATC tab of the Spitfire Installation and Configuration tool.
Step 9: Use the Roles tool Create a role to receive the Compliance Notification document.
Step 10: Use the Routes tool Create a predefined route for the Compliance Notification document.
Step 11: Use the Contacts tool Give one or more users the “Compliance Staff” role.
Step 12: Test Compliance Tracking and Notification Make sure you have set things up correctly.
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