Spitfire Document Processing Steps

  1. Click Attach Image or Attach Pay Request to open the Spitfire Attach To Document dialog box.
  2. (optional) In Project, select a Project ID from the drop-down list or lookup.
  3. In Document Type, select a Doc Type from the drop-down list or lookup.
  4. If you clicked Attach Pay Request, in Commitment select Commitment document from the drop-down list or lookup for the Pay Request. This is a required field for Pay Requests.
  5. (optional) Click Create to build a new Spitfire document for the Project. It will be of the Doc Type entered above.
  6. If a new document was not created, In Doc# or Title, click Lookup to select an existing Spitfire document.
    –  (optional) Click Open to access the document so you can add notes and routing.
    –  Click Attach to add the scanned image to the selected document.
  7. Either click Done to close the dialog box and remove the scanned image from the Batch Viewer.
    – OR –
    Click Close to close the dialog box but leave the scanned image in the Batch Viewer so you can attach it to additional documents.
  8. Proceed through the images in the Batch Viewer until you have finished processing.
  9. Close the Batch Viewer. Any scanned images you have not processed will be available when you reopen the Batch Viewer.