Version 4.5 Appendix 2 – January 2015 Additions

Janauary 2015


Cloud Storage Feature

(License and service agreement required)

Document attachments are mirrored to cloud folders and can be updated/added from, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, AWS S3 (and others)

  • DocType Tool – Includes “publish-to-Cloud” flag.
  • DocStatus – Supports document statuses that are published to the cloud and other options (See KBA-01588).
  • System Admin | Cloud Drives – Allow you to configure your Cloud drive storage providers, and Project Setup tab selections.


  • Catalog File Names – now supports file names longer than 80 characters.
  • Web service – can now return report output.
  • ashx/CI request – returns JSON performance data.


  • FileCatalogConfig | TemplateAttachEdit rule – Allows configuration of Templates opening for edits when newly added – or a just a simple add (editing is still available by clicking the file’s Edit icon).
  • Assemble Page Numbers – Supports adding Page Numbers to the Assembled PDF file: Start At and S.
  • DocType Tool – Includes “publish-to-Cloud” flag.
  • Priority – The Priority drop-down on the Routing grid can now be customized (label, visibility, read-only) and moved to the Document Header.
    Note: The Priority field should only be visible in one location on the document.
  • Email Response Wizard – now supports File uploads, Route Instructions and Page timeouts.
  • Item tab – The Item tab filter will now include a filter for Shop, if Shop is added to the Doc Items part.
  • Adding a Cost Code – This functionality has been improved.

Word Templates

  • DSIG_ prefix – This new prefix will print the contents of the Signature field on the Contact Record. This field can hold a signature image file. See KBA-01586 for info on uploading image files to HTML fields.
  • FNTX_prefix – This new prefix print a number as text with no Dollar formatting.
  • Inclusion (exclution, etc.) – These bookmarks now support xFilters.
  • xFilter & xSort – These functions now support filtering or sorting of data in a table as long as the table is bookmarked as Tablexxxx or xxxxTable.

Workflow Scripts

  • ATC: SET – This workflow function now support =@.fieldname.
  • ACT: EXIT THIS – This now workflow function supports exiting the loop when the first matching data is found.