ATC: ALERT [user] TITLE title; free-form-text

This command sends an alert with free-form text to a specified user.

  • [user] is required. It specifies the person to receive the alert. Square brackets are required. The alert recipient can be identified by login user ID, email address, user key, or the full name as entered in your system.
  • TITLE title; is optional but requires the semicolon. If no title is specified for the Alert, the default title of Workflow Alert will be used.
  • free-form-text is optional, but the Alert will be blank without text, so should be specified.


ATC: ALERT [Chris Demo] TITLE Document Closed; For your information, this document has been closed.

The above example means “create an Alert with the title Document Closed and containing the message ‘For your information, this document has been closed.’ and send the Alert to Chris Demo.”

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