This command creates a document using all the NextDocFlow rules that are configured for the current Doc type. This command also allows you to override the default target Doc type and can be used multiple times, providing a way for documents of more than one Doc type to be created from a source document.

  • WITH option is optional. More than one option can be used, separated by spaces.
    • TYPE dtk specifies the Doc type for the target document where dtk can be expressed as a variable, bookmark or constant GUID.
    • BookmarkSource specifies that the document will become the source for bookmark expansion.
    • SELECT specifies that the document will become the target of SET statements and the source of alias.field evaluation and condition evaluation; effectively, this loaded document replaces the source document until the next ATC: SELECT SOURCE.



The above example means create a new document, as if the user clicked on the “create next” command in the document header drop down menu.

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