BFA Workbook in Forecast Mode

The Forecast document controls access to the BFA workbook.

To open the BFA workbook in Forecast mode:

  1. Open a Forecast document.
  2. Click the Excel icon.

    The BFA workbook will open in Forecast mode with current, approved budget information.

    Note: When you open the BFA workbook in Forecast mode, if a Cost Code has been changed since the workbook’s snapshot, a triangle symbol will appear in the Cost Code cell.
  3. Use the Forecast Data Entry form to enter your forecast. You can also make changes directly on the Declared % Complete, Working FTC, Working FAC, and Notes column cells.
  4. Save the workbook.
  5. Close the BFA workbook and return to the Spitfire Forecast document. As long as your Forecast document has a Status of In Process or Pending, you will be able to open and edit your Forecast workbook.