Forecast Document

Before a Forecast document can be created, your project must have an Approved Initial Budget. The BFA workbook in Forecast mode takes a complete financial snapshot of your project, including the current approved budget, forecast, and actual transactions on that project.

Forecast Document
The Spitfire Forecast document controls the security permissions for entering, editing, viewing, and posting your forecast. Like all Spitfire documents, the Forecast document can be routed (via the Route Detail tab) to other users for review and approval, and can include attached files (via the Attachment tab).

To create the Forecast document:

  1. On the Project Dashboard, select Forecast.
  2. When the screen refreshes, click Add.
  3. You may change the Description, add a Note, Routees, and/or Attachments.
  4. Save the Forecast document.

Note: The Excel icon will not appear until you save it for the first time.