Bookmarks for Contacts By Responsibility

Did You Know?

There are bookmarks for your Microsoft Word templates that identify Contacts by role responsibility.  This means that if you need to include the names or related information of project team members, you can do so even if those names do not appear on the document from which you create the template output.

All team members should have an identifying role. Each role can have only one “Responsibility.” Over the years, Spitfire has added to the list of possible Responsibilities available for each role.  The following Responsibilities are available in V2020.  The table below includes the bookmark alias that corresponds to each Responsibility.

Role Responsibility Bookmark Alias
Accountant AccountantAddr_
Alternate CM AltCMAddr_
Alternate PM AltPMAddr_
Architect ArchitectAddr_
Associate AssociateAddr_
Bonder BonderAddr_
Construction Manager CMAddr_
Compliance Manager ComplianceAddr_
Customer/Owner OwnerAddr_
Consultant ConsultantAddr_
Customer/Owner Team OwnerTeamAddr_
Development Manager DevMgrAddr_
General Contractor GCAddr_
Junior PM JuniorPMAddr_
Lender LenderAddr_
Notary NotaryAddr_
Operations Manager OPSMgrAddr_
Owner Team OwnerTeamAddr_
Participant ParticipantAddr_
Program Manager PGMManagerAddr_
Project Engineer EngineerAddr_
Project Manager PMAddr_
Project Staff StaffAddr_
Purchases PurchasesAddr_
Safety SafetyAddr_
Senior Executive ExecutiveAddr_
SeniorPM SeniorPMAddr_
Submittal Manager SubmittalsAddr_
Superintendent SuperAddr_


  • To get the name of a Contact to appear in a template output, use the correct alias (from the table above) with UserKey to create the bookmark name. For example, to pull in the name of the Contact with the Accountant Responsibility, the bookmark name would be AccountantAddr_UserKey, and to pull in the name of the Contact with the Customer/Owner Responsibility, the bookmark name would be OwnerAddr_UserKey.
  • If multiple people have roles with the same Responsibility, the template will not know which name to pull in; therefore, if only one name should appear, that person must have a role with a unique Responsibility, not otherwise used in any other project roles.
  • If you want information about the Contact other than the name, you will need to add a prefix before the alias, for example, DCO_OwnerAddr_UserKey, which will display the Owner’s Company name.  For a list of contact prefixes see Bookmark Prefixes for Contact Information.