Listing Attendees on Template Output


Can I have a list of my Meeting Minutes Attendees appear on an attached Word file that I create from a template? Can that list include people that I have added to the Meeting Minutes document through the freeform option and therefore are not in my Contacts?


Yes. Template bookmarks can get and list the names and some other related information of the Attendees on your Meeting Minutes document, and there is a particular bookmark that will list all Attendee names, even non-Contact names.

For non-Contact names:

  • Use RR_DocMeetingAttendee_AttendeeName as the bookmark in a table to list names.
  • This bookmark does not accept any Contact prefixes since Spitfire data does not include any information related to this freeform name.

For Contact Attendees:

  • Use RR_DocMeetingAttendee_UserKey as the bookmark in a table to list names.
  • This bookmark accepts Contact prefixes, such as:
    • DADD_ for the mailing address of the Contact
    • DCO_ for the company of the Contact
    • DEMAIL_ for the email address of the Contact
    • DTI_ for the title of the Contact
  • For a full list of Contact prefixes, see Bookmark Prefixes for Contact Information.
  • The RR prefix comes before the Contact prefix, for example
    • RRDCO_DocMeetingAttendee_UserKey


Bookmarks in the Word template:


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