Cloud Storage Integration

The Spitfire Project Management System offers integration with several cloud storage providers, such as Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc. Our documentation assumes you already have a cloud storage provider account and does not include information about the acquisition of the cloud storage provider, the setup of any cloud storage account, or any other steps outside of the Spitfire Project Management System.

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Concepts, considerations, and descriptions in PDF format.

KBAs with specific instructions

  • KBA-01720: Adding a Provider to the Cloud Storage Tool
  • KBA-01721: Configuring ICTool for Cloud Storage Integration
  • KBA-01722: Editing the CloudFolderLinkInfo File
  • KBA-01723: Enabling a Doc Type for Cloud Integration
  • KBA-01724: Configuring Rules for Cloud Storage Integration
  • KBA-01726: Configuring the Project Setup for Cloud Storage Integration
  • KBA-01685: Linked Via Cloud Connector Note
  • KBA-01727: Sending and Not Sending Files to the Cloud