Contact Information from Documents

The Document Options menu on some documents allows you to access details for the source contact of the document. The source contact for your document changes from document to document and can include vendor companies, subcontractors, or other contacts.

To open the Contact Details from a document:

  1. From an appropriate document, open the Document Options menu.
  2. Click the contact’s name. The Contact Detail window will open.

If you have read-only access, you cannot make changes to the Contact’s details. However, you can look up the Contact’s general information, address(es), and phone number(s).

Accessing Contact Information Cards

Click the View Contact Information Card icon. 

The Contact Information Card can also be accessed through name links.

The Source Contact on the Catalog’s document or file list.

The Name on the Contacts list in both Contacts and Companies view.

Names on certain document tabs.