Doc Attendee Role


When I create a Meeting Minutes document, I’d like my route to include all the Attendees automatically. How would I set that up?


You can take advantage of the Doc Attendee role that is available for predefined routes. It is a special role that is available for predefined routes, exactly for when the people or companies listed on the Attendees tab are required.

To add the Doc Attendee role to a predefined route:

  1. At the Routes tool on the Manage Dashboard, either create a new predefined route or edit an existing predefined route for the Meeting Minutes Doc type.
  2. In the Details for Selected Route section, add a new row.
  3. Click the icon that appears by default (that looks like one head) to change it to an icon that looks like multiple heads.
  4. Type Doc Attendees in the User/Role field.  Change any other options for the row including the Seq number, as appropriate.
  5. Click the checkmark to accept the changes.
  6. If this is a new predefined route,
    1. Go to the Criteria for Selected Route section and add a new row.
    2. Select Meeting Minutes as the Doc Type.
    3. Click the checkmark to accept your changes.
  7. Click the save icon to save your predefined route.