Document Menu Options that Have Requirements


Sometimes an option that I expect to find on the document’s drop-down menu is not there. For example, sometimes I see an option to “Create Pay Application” on my Project Setup menu, but other times I don’t. Why is that?


Some of the options available on a document’s drop-down menu depend on a certain requirement being true. Until that requirement is true, the option will not appear as an option. The following table can serve as a “cheat sheet” to help you remember option requirements. Remember also that some options will not appear on a brand new document.

On this Doc Type This Option on the Menu Has This Requirement
[Customer Quote]
Create [Vendor] Bid Package Bid (Customer Quote) must have been created outside a project
[Customer Quote]
Create Project Bid (the winning Customer Quote) must have a status of Awarded
[Vendor] Bid Package  Create [Vendor] Bid Package Addendum [Vendor] Bid Package must have a “pending” status (e.g., Accepting Bids, Bidding Closed)
Pay Application  Create Pay Application Pay Application must have a status of Printed or Invoiced
Pay Application Reverse Pay Application must be Invoiced and the invoice posted in the accounting system
Project Setup Initial Budget Project Setup must not yet have a status of Committed
Project Setup Create Pay Application Project Setup must have a status of Committed
Project Setup Uncommit Project Project Setup must be Committed and you must have the proper role-based permission
Project Setup Change Project ID You must have the proper role-based permission
Proposed CO Create [Owner] Change Order Proposed CO must have a Closed status and have at least one Approved Change Item
RFI Create Proposed CO Site must have the Proposed CO Doc type active
RFQ Open Change Order RFQ must have been created from a Change Order
RFQ Related Documents RFQ must be linked to a Commitment
RFQ Create Commitment RFQ must have a status of Awarded
RFQ Create CCO RFQ must be Awarded and already linked to a Commitment
Submittal Create Submittal Package Submittal must have at least one Item
Several Doc Types Source Contact link Doc must have a Source Contact (e.g., Customer, Vendor, To) field filled in