Editing Files

How and if you can edit a file depends on several factors:

  • If you have permission to edit the file through your Spitfire role.
  • If an edit icon has been established for the file type.
  • If you have the means (software) to edit the file on your workstation.

If a way to edit the file has been set up, an icon will appear to the right of the Checkin/Checkout icon.

These icons can appear wherever files are listed. The icons are also available from the File Options menu, where applicable.

To edit a file:

  1. Click the appropriate icon on the file row. The file will be automatically checked out and will open in the appropriate editing application.
    Note: When a Microsoft Work or Excel file is opened for editing, a file tab appears at the top of the dashboard window – one tab per file currently open.
  2. Edit the file and save your changes.
  3. Close the file. The file will be automatically checked into Spitfire.