File Revisions

sfPMS is a file management system. This means you can store all project- and business-related files within the system (instead of having them on different user workstations). Because files may need to be revised over time, sfPMS allows you to edit certain files and then keeps all versions of the files for proper record keeping. The file revisions workflow consists on checking the file out. making changes to the file, saving those changes, checking the file back in, and optionally, approving the file.

Check-Out and Check-In Concepts
Because various users can access files in sfPMS at the same time, the check-out/check-in feature exists to minimize overriding or conflicting edits. When you check out a file, sfPMS prevents anyone else from also checking the file out. You can then make changes to your file knowing you started with the latest version, that no one else is simultaneously making changes to the same file, and that your revised file will become the new “latest” version when you check the file back in. While the file is checked out, the red, locked icon alerts others the file is being worked on. Your co-workers can still view a read-only version of the unrevised file while you have the file checked out, but they will know an update is coming. Furthermore, sfPMS will expect a new version of the file. When you are finished with your edits, you will check in the file. The checked-in file becomes the latest version in sfPMS. The green, unlocked icon indicates the file is checked in and available for check out.

Check-Out/Check-In Status Change
When you open a document with an attached file, another user may check out the attached file while you are working on the document. You may also notice the attached file is checked out, and you want to know when it will be available (checked in).
When the check-out/check-in status of an attached file changes, a pop-up message appears on the document.