July 2019 – A Deep Dive into UI Configuration

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A Deep Dive Into UI Configuration

Sure, the UI Configuration tool allows you to hide fields on documents and change your labels, but do you know what a powerhouse it really is? If you are a System Admin, you’ll want to know all you can do with this tool, particularly with the Extended field!  And if you are a user, you’ll want to know all that can be done to make your user-interface experience better!

During this webinar, we both review the basics of UI Configuration and spend time diving deep into the many options allowed through the UI Configuration tool such as:

  • How to use pop-up UI Configuration
  • How to use Context in UI Configuration
  • Why you copy rows in the UI Config tool
  • How to make fields required
  • How to take advantage of stylesheets
  • How to make a field be a lookup field
  • And more…!