KBA-01043: How do I delete an Item from my Punch List?


I created a Punchlist document with ten items, but now I want to delete one. How do I do that?


If you have permission to delete Items (i.e., you have the DOC | Permissions for any item on the document (RUD) role capability), just click the trash can icon on the Item row to delete that Item. If you do not have permission to delete Items, the trash can icon is not available once you save the Item, but there is still a way that you can delete the Item.

  • On the Details tab, create a new revision.  On the Items tab, delete your unwanted Items. Then save your document.

Your original version is preserved with all the original Items as an archive or reference and can no longer be edited. Your new revision is now the current active version of the document.

Additional Comments:

The method of creating a new revision to delete items applies not only to Punchlist documents but to any Spitfire document with Items. If the Revision field does not appear on the Details tab, customization of the Doc type is required.  See the chapter on the Customization tool in the Focus on System Administration guide.

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