KBA-01044: What can I use in the Text field in the Catalog Search?


What text or logical operators can I use in the Text field in the Catalog Search?


Spitfire‘s Catalog Search uses the Microsoft Search Engine, so examples from Microsoft apply:

Type Specific Example Effect
<simple_term> bottles Must contain this word
OR ‘‘sasquatch ale‘‘ OR ‘‘steeleye stout‘‘ Must contain either the phrase ‘sasquatch ale‘ or ‘steeleye stout‘.
Note: double quote marks are required around word phrases!You can use AND | AND NOT | OR
<prefix_term> link* Contains word link, linking, linked, etc.
<proximity_term> spread NEAR Boysenberry Must have the word Boysenberry near the word spread.
<generation_term> FORMSOF (INFLECTIONAL, dry) Must have words of the form  dry: dried, drying, and so on.
Note: INFLECTIONAL specifies that the plural and singular, as well as the gender and neutral forms of nouns, verbs, and adjectives should be matched. The various tenses of verbs should be matched too.
<weighted_term> ISABOUT (spread weight (.8), sauces weight (.4), relishes weight (.2) ) Containing the words spread,  sauces, or relishes, and different weightings are given to each word
compound dark NEAR beer AND ISABOUT(FORMSOF (INFLECTIONAL, dry) WEIGHT ( .8), ‘age*‘ WEIGHT (.5) )


Additional Comments:

If you enter a phrase and forget to add the quotes, Spitfire will do it for you; just click the Search button again to confirm this is what you intended.

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