KBA-01542: jQuery is Undefined


Why do some client workstations get a ‘jQuery is undefined‘ error?


jQuery is a fast, small, and versatile library published by the jQuery.org (the jQuery Foundation).The various parts of jQuery are loaded from the Google CDN.

  • Test that your client workstation has access to those resources.  One sample URL would be:

Of course, the version number will change from time to time.

If the workstation can reach the test URL (above) using Chrome but not IE, then  add

  • ajax.googleapis.com

to the list of sites in IE‘s trusted site zone.

Additional Comments:

A CDN is a content delivery network.  Resources loaded from a CDN are shared by many Internet-enabled applications and cached once for all of them.  In fact, once referenced by a workstation, these resources are often cached for 1 year! The system automatically uses SSL to reach the CDN when applicable.

KBA-01542; Last updated: November 9, 2016 at 13:40 pm
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