KBA-01325: Can I use Site_Wrapup.sql to overwrite a Spitfire default in a database other than the Spitfire database?


Spitfire has a few default Doc types listed in the left-panel Documents Menu. When I update with the Configuration Tool (ICTool), Spitfire rewrites these entries and overwrites my changes. Can I use Site_Wrapup.sql to overwrite Spitfire‘s entries?


The Site_Wrapup.sql file is designed to allow you to run a script after Spitfire‘s update script. Using this script, you can add your changes and have your changes automatically executed ‘after‘ Spitfire‘s. Most of your changes will be in the Spitfire database, but it is possible to also execute commands on other databases such as the Microsoft Dynamics SL databases (integrated systems), or the SpitfireExtSystem (non-integrated) database.
Use the USE command to switch to another database.  We suggest you use the variables that Spitfire uses to identify the SQL Databases listed on the SQL tab of the Configuration Tool (ICTool):

Microsoft Dynamics SL or Spitfire Ext DB =  $$SQLSOLSYSDBN$$

Microsoft Dynamics SL Application DB = $$SQLSOLDBN$$

For example, to change the ‘Create Bid‘ text to ‘Create Proposal‘ in the xsfMenu table in the Microsoft Dynamics SL System (or SpitfireExt) database, add the following to Site_Wrapup.sql:

Update xsfMenu
Set ItemText = ‘Create Proposal‘
Where MenuItemID = ‘2215‘

Additional Comments:

See also KBA-01137.

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