KBA-01237: How to Relieve an Open Commitment when your Subcontract has Negative Line Items

Purpose & Scope:

You may sometimes find that the value of a subcontract is accurate, but the Open Commitment is calculating the wrong amount.   Why? Possible Issues:

  1. The subcontract contains a line item with a negative amount.
  2. Payments have been made to the vendor, but are not linked to the subcontract.


Solution 1:

  1. Create a new Pay Request for the Subcontract/Commitment.
  2. Move to the Items tab.
  3. Notice that the negative line item is automatically included in the Pay Request line items.
  4. Click  and select Get All.
  5. Enter a corresponding positive amount on a line item with a remaining contract amount greater than or equal to the negative amount.
  6. Complete your Pay Request.
  7. Approve and save your Pay Request.
  8. Post your Pay Request in Microsoft Dynamics SL, Subcontract Payment Review and Approval.

This will create a $0.00 Pay Request, but it will move the amount from the subcontract‘s negative line item and apply it to the other line item.  When Financial Transaction Transfer calculates Commitments, the negative amount will now be applied to the other line and reduce the commitment.

Solution 2:

  1. Create a new Pay Request for the Subcontract/Commitment for the vendor‘s invoice.
  2. Approve, and save the Pay Request.
  3. Post the Pay Request in Microsoft Dynamics SL, Subcontract Payment Review and Approval.
  4. In Microsoft Dynamics SL, enter a Debit Adjustment for the amount of the Payment Request and enter the Pay Request‘s RefNumber. (Optional: enter a note referencing the original voucher).

The Debit Adjustment will offset the Payment Request so there will no financial changes, but processing and posting the Pay Request through the system posts the Actual against the Subcontract and reduces the subcontract‘s Open Commitment.

Additional Comments:

See KBA-01236 for additional information regarding commitments.

KBA-01237; Last updated: October 14, 2016 at 9:21 am;